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We are dedicated to creating "AppDramas", the most suitable entertainment for smartphones.
Now, more than 10 million people all around the world are enjoying AppDramas!

Development of AppDramas

An AppDrama is an entertainment with story, illustration and music made for smartphones. At Genius, we distribute AppDramas in 15 languages, with a wide variation of genres (love story, suspence, human drama, tourism, etc.) and our main target is foreign countries. We already reached over 10 million downloads, and the number of fans is increasing rapidly. We create new entertainment most suitable for smartphones, and "redefine" the way to enjoy a story.

  • Major success worldwide
    "Otouto scramble"
  • Dating sim apps for men
    "My Maid Girlfriend"
  • Collaboration project with Nichinan city, Miyazaki prefecture
    "Soumai no Umi -The new Mythology-"

Operation of ”My Drama”

“My Drama: Romance You Choose” is a platform where Genius’ popular series are gathered.You can enjoy our top selling AppDramas with this app. You can also enjoy AppDramas exclusive to My Drama, as well as renewed versions of our stories. We will be delivering new works on this platform.

  • "My Drama: Romance You Choose"

Global Marketing

Using the knowhow gained through the distribution of AppDramas globally, we consult and support corporations' overseas expansion. At translation website "Transleon", we provide high quality translation services at a price of 10%~ compared to other services.

  • Low priced high quality translation service"Transleon"