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  • “Everlasting Alchemists” out now!

“Everlasting Alchemists” out now!

Everlasting Alchemists is now available to download on Google Play Store.
Every choice you make matters and can change everything.
Take on the role of this interactive story’s protagonist, and you can have fun from start to finish for free!


Can an eternal soul experience everlasting love? 

You’ve always been fascinated by the countryside. There’s always been something that draws you to it. But when you enter the forest, you find yourself chased by wolves! You somehow manage to escape into a mysterious mansion inhabited by three handsome, but enigmatic men… Camil, Allen and Urey. It seems the residents have mixed feelings about your presence and you try to leave… but no matter how far you venture, you can’t escape the grounds! 

Trapped in what they call the “forbidden forest,” you decide to to get to the bottom of the mysteries of this mansion and its inhabitants. Could you be the key that unlocks the secrets of the mansion… and the three men’s hearts? 

Discover your everlasting love in this romance otome game of mystery and intrigue!