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  • “My Animal School Romance” out now!

“My Animal School Romance” out now!

My Animal School Romance is now available to download on Google Play Store.
Every choice you make matters and can change everything.
Take on the role of this interactive story’s protagonist, and you can have fun from start to finish for free!




When scientists found a way to anthropomorphize animals, the world changed forever. Now dubbed “anthros,” these new creations live alongside humans—but a strict caste system keeps the two groups apart.

You’ve always been sympathetic toward anthros and believe they deserve equal rights, but you’re afraid to speak out against popular opinion.

That changes when one of your anthro classmates tries to kill herself because of the way people treat her. Something has to change, both for her and for the anthro community overall.

With the help of your best friend and an enthusiastic classmate, you vow to help her build more self-confidence… and maybe change the way society views anthros along the way.