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  • “My Sweet Shifter” out now!

“My Sweet Shifter” out now!

My Sweet Shifter is now available to download on Google Play Store.
Every choice you make matters and can change everything.
Take on the role of this interactive story’s protagonist, and you can have fun from start to finish for free!




[Mom, Dad, I’ll definitely avenge you…]
A few years ago, the protagonist suddenly lost her mother and father. Her days of drowning in sadness are over as she decides to get revenge. To exact this revenge, she heads to… an all boys’ school. There are many curious rumors about this school. To discover some clues that will lead her to the culprit, the main character enters the school disguised as a guy. There she meets 3 guys whom each hold unfathomable secrets… 
The fates of the main character who fights against her tragic past and the heroes who battle against demons of their own is becoming clear!