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Creating a new entertainment culture

At Genius, we develop "AppDramas" a new entertainment contents for smartphones in 15 different languages, and we have more than 10 million total downloads. We aim to create products that remain valuable for a long period of time rather than to make profit in the short run. Through spreading "AppDrama", we deliver the new style of enjoying stories to people throughout the world.

100% own company made! You can deliver original products to users around the world.
We have an environment where you can grow rapidly.

Open Positions

Script Writer (CONTRACT, OFF-SITE)


We’re looking for a script writer to handle content creation for Japanese-style visual novels!
We’re looking to establish a long-term relationship with writers and will generally have work constantly available if we consider you are a good fit.


・Native level English speaker with strong understanding and knowledge on culture, modern colloquialisms and tonal nuances of English speaking countries (Mainly US/UK).
・Strong understanding on English grammar
・Experience of playing interactive drama contents
・Ability to be able to write stories that can provide our users multiple developments of stories by their choices (Creating options that users can choose while they play contents)
・Strong interest and understanding on Japanese sub cultures such as anime and visual novels
・Over 18 years old


・Passion for creative writing
・Relative experience in entertainment or gaming industry
・Strong time management ability


Genius Inc. will retain all copyrights to all story content created.


・Writing samples

Please send us examples of your writing.
These samples should be either from novels, scripts or fan-fiction that you have written. We will not accept other forms of writing samples such as essays, poetry or articles.


Please apply from the form below or Upwork.